Why Should Marijuana Users Tell Doctors Before Surgery?

Recently, several countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, the United States, Germany, and Austria have started to develop marijuana as a medicine. Even so, this is still a debate because the evidence-based or scientific evidence of the health benefits of marijuana or marijuana is not too strong. Besides, according to recent research, many cannabis users who normally use CBD oil online ignore telling their doctors how they used the substance. It should be understood, that marijuana has some effects on the body, as well as interacts with anesthetic drugs, and it is very important for doctors to know the consumption of marijuana in patients when there is a need for medical action for surgery.

Because marijuana and anesthetics both affect the central nervous system, people who use cannabis may need a different amount of anesthetic medicine. To understand the best way to lose them, and even the best type of anesthetic to use, doctors need to know how much and how often patients use cannabis products. Those who use cannabis generally need anesthetic drugs in greater quantities than those who don’t. This means, if patients fail to inform doctors about marijuana use before surgery, they may prepare an insufficient amount for the patient to “sleep” during the surgical or surgical procedure.

People who use marijuana every day to every week usually need more than three times the amount of propofol to be sedated for endoscopy (insertion of a long thin tube to examine internal organs) than those who do not use the substance. More than this, using anesthetics on regular cannabis users can put patients at increased risk of negative side effects. For starters, because higher doses are required for proper sedation, marijuana users are at a higher risk of experiencing decreased blood pressure and delayed consciousness. Additionally, because inhalation of marijuana causes inflammation of the respiratory tract, some people may experience breathing problems while under anesthesia. If an endoscopy occurs, it can also increase the chance of something that feels like an asthma attack because less oxygen can reach the lungs.

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