Turning Off Read Receipts Allows You To See Whatsapp Status Secretly

Turning Off Read Receipts Allows You To See Whatsapp Status Secretly

If you want to see WhatsApp status secretly, you can try turning off Read Receipts. This is the only official way through which you can view status updates of your contacts on WhatsApp without notifying them that you have seen it. Note that with this option, you also lose access to read the receipt indicator (blue tick) in WhatsApp chat chats. If you don’t mind, this might be the method that is right for you. As a bonus, your contacts also don’t get read receipts for chats you read. On the other hand, if you also need more new ideas for your Whatsapp status, you can find some of the best-handpicked status quotes from a trusted source.

Or, you might also consider temporarily turning off read receipts. Status updates have a life span of 24 hours, and so is the lifespan of the tracking activities associated with them.

Typically, if you see a status with receipt turned off, and then activate it before the status expires, that particular contact will eventually be notified of this activity. However, if you keep reading receipts turned off until after the status expires, the fact that you saw that status will remain confidential. and the person creating the status won’t know if you’ve read their status.

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