The Important Role Of Bees

The Important Role Of Bees

With the playroom, parents can teach children the meaning of responsibility by making it tidy and maintaining the space. Besides, involving children to organize and design the room can make them eager to play and be more responsible for the toys and everything they have. With bee decorations, you could also help children learn about the environment and the importance of bees. You could teach them that Although these animals are small and children dislike them because the sting hurts, bees have an important role for humans.

Because the size of bees is very small compared to some other insects, we may not know or pay attention to bees, here. Although the size of the bee is relatively small, this animal has a very important role for the Earth and humans. Even because of its important role, bees are the most important animal on Earth. This was stated by The Earthwatch Institute in the Royal Geographical Society. The importance of the role of bees is related to the availability or amount of food on Earth. You know, right, if the purpose of bees perch on flowers or plants is not just to get nectar? When alighting from one plant to another, bees will also carry pollen to other regions. As a result, various flowers can grow in other regions of pollen carried by bees due to pollination carried out by these small insects.

Well, according to the World Food Organization or FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), every three of the four farms that produce fruit and grains consumed by humans depend on pollinating animals. Nature Communications also wrote, that currently 80 percent of plant pollination that has been observed globally is carried out by only two percent of bees. Even though the numbers are small, but these two percent of bees play a big role in pollination. The process of pollination by bees on plants shows the importance of the role played by bees. But unfortunately, at this time the bee population is declining and decreasing. Scientists say that in the last 10 years, the number of bees has decreased to an alarming number. That is why even though bee decorations look like a small step but it is an important one to help children have awareness about the issue and grow to love bees.

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