Speed ​​up the Order Fulfillment Process

Speed ​​up the Order Fulfillment Process

Being able to fulfill orders quickly and accurately is one of the signs of good warehousing management. After all, it is for this reason that management exists. There are three aspects to consider when talking about order fulfillment: picking, packing or packing, and shipping the goods. Retrieval may seem easy, but it will be different when you have hundreds or even thousands of items of different types in your warehouse. Most of your order fulfillment time is spent searching for items. So, you need to implement the right picking strategy. The following are the four most common methods of picking up goods, Single Order, which is the most basic method of retrieval, usually used by retailers or wholesalers who are just starting their business important link.

Simply put, the picker will select one order at a time as a whole before moving on to the next. It’s best to avoid this method if you ship more than 20 customer orders a day. The picker is given a batch containing the order list, then he picks up everything at once, and then returns to the packing table. The number of orders allocated to each batch is usually between 10 and 30, depending on the physical size of your product and the average order quantity. Use this method if you have a high number of orders with single or small quantities of products per order. However, if you have many products per order, then this method is less suitable to implement.

In this method, pickers are assigned to retrieve products stored in a certain zone at one time. He has to go through all the areas containing the items ordered, pick them up, and put them in the container, then return to the packing table. This method is great for preventing pickers from getting in the way of each other and is suitable for use by retailers who are used to having multiple orders with several types of products. Avoid this method if you only ship a single order or have very few pickers. Similar to zone picking, but pickers are assigned to pick up goods from several zones at once. Then, the packer must combine all separate items for each order.

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