How To Wash The Right Carpet?

Maybe many think that clothes cleaning products are the same as carpet cleaners some products are devoted to cleaning carpets, be it in the form of liquids or powders, carpet cleaning products are specifically for carpets and have a formula according to their intended use, some of these cleaners have high enough levels such as to remove stains or spots due to dirt on the carpet. Carpet deodorizer is the same as clothes deodorizer, it’s just that carpet deodorizer has a high level of fragrance because basically, the carpet is a thick material that can cause mold or odor if it is not dry properly during washing. It is much better to use carpet cleaning specials near me. Carpet stain remover has a high composition as well because the carpet has fibers that are thick enough to differ from clothes, therefore a special formula is needed that can remove stains, especially at the core of the carpet cannot be soaked like clothes because of the thickness of the material and has many color variants in it. one carpet so that it is feared that there are colors that will easily fade and cause other colors to be exposed.

Removing dust needs to be done its function if there is dirt or dust on the carpet fibers, it can be lifted because there is also a lot of dust or dirt on the carpet that sticks when it is wet, this will certainly be troublesome for us, unless we have a wet and dry vacuum which can function in wet and dry places, of course, the above can be overcome. Removing dust can be done using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner or just a wet vacuum cleaner, and if you don’t have a vacuum you can use a broomstick to remove dust and dirt. Cleaning the carpet is the step of brushing and wetting the carpet. In this case, we don’t need to soak or wet all carpet surfaces using water, just spray the water mixed with a little carpet cleaning liquid, this is so that when drying does not take a long time even causes odors on the carpet, before spraying it would be nice, spray a little liquid that has been mixed with water in a place where this is not visible to see if it easily fades or not after that do the brushing evenly and directionally and do not need to be too strong so that the hair on the carpet is not damaged.
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