How To Prevent Fungus Houses

How To Prevent Fungus Houses

The rainy season with cold air often makes the atmosphere at home damp and stuffy. Humid air not only makes the atmosphere of the house uncomfortable but can damage the furniture in it. Humid conditions can lead to mold on household items. So that this does not happen to your home, there are some things you can do to prevent your house from becoming a mushroom nest. Generally, the fungus will grow and breed quickly in warm or humid areas. To avoid this, make a lot of ventilation in the house. You can make one window but with a large size so that air circulation is smooth. If your house is in an area with high humidity, you should avoid using carpets. The carpet gets damp quickly in a room with high humidity, so it can become a nest of bacteria and fungi. If you stick with it, try to dry it in the sun every 3-4 days and clean it with the local carpet cleaners near me routine.

Wooden furniture and semi-leather materials are prone to mold in damp conditions. If you have furniture with this material, try not to put it against the wall so that the furniture gets enough air circulation. The airflow will reduce damp conditions around the furniture. Do not fill the wardrobe too full, either the wardrobe or the storage cupboard. Cabinets that are too crowded with items make it difficult for the air inside to flow, which creates moisture. This is what can cause the air to become damp. If there are traces of flooding and leaks in your house, clean it immediately within 24-28 hours. Leaks will usually become damp and cause mildew. If allowed to expand to the surrounding area. Moreover, now it has entered the rainy season so anticipation should be prepared.

Reduce the humidity in the room by 30-60 percent to prevent mold growth by using air conditioners such as air conditioners, dehumidifiers, or exhaust fans.
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